In a world where coffee represents the most widely consumed beverage aside from water it is more than difficult to find your personal Cup of Excellence. Since the palette of choices seems close to infinite, your pursuit of ultimate coffee experience may be hindered. But there’s a twist. We are on your side, ready to keep you company whenever you decide to stop the time and enjoy your coffee. We are Wild Coffee™.

Simplicity is what sets our approach to coffee apart from others’. We don’t want to glut you with excessive number of coffee varieties with scoresheets filled with multiple certificates. We defined our way to excellence with simplicity in mind in order to stay loyal to the principles we consider to be of the highest importance in the complex process of coffee making. We believe in quality, not quantity. And quality is what you get from Wild Coffee™. Thus, only the finest selection of the world’s highest grade coffee beans finds its way to your cup.

Our coffee experts went through thorough process based on their extensive professional experience in the field of coffee cultivation, processing, roasting and preparation to find the best coffee varietals from both historical and newly emerging estates of only the highest quality all around the world. The coffee estates we import our coffee directly from all share our respect for the original methods of coffee cultivation, specific for individual regions and plantations that have stood the test of time. Local farmers and their families often cultivate coffee at these estates for decades and pass their carefully protected knowledge from generation to generation. We are glad that we can pay tribute to the rich heritage of the farmers and share this truly unique experience with you.

The same principles of highest standard coffee beans selection apply to the roasting process. The coffee is roasted in a selective family-based roasting manufactory with more than 25-year-long tradition with origins in the southern branch of coffee roasting culture. All our roasters have common roots in countries of Southern European (former Yugoslavia) and are educated in local roasting practice based on historical Arab coffee making tradition.

Set out on a journey of search for excellence and let us be your guide.

Wild Coffee™

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